How to activate and verify an account in the World Sovereign Bank of the Order of Hospitallers?

Account activation takes place in two steps. The first step is the activation of your bank account on your part, as an Internet banking user. In the second step, your account is verified by WSBOH.


To activate the account, please open your internet banking on the bank's website
Once redirected to, fill in your login information.

  • In the "LOGIN" box, write your email, which you entered during registration, or your 10-digit login code, which was sent to you in the welcome email.
  • In the "PASSWORD" box, enter the password you chose during registration and click on the "LOGIN" button.

Account activation will take place after funds are credited to your account in WSBOH internet banking. The system informs you about the crediting of funds to the account via email.

Your account is active as soon as the minimum one-time membership fee is credited to your account.

In the case of a natural person, it is a one-time membership fee of €20

In the case of a legal person, it is a one-time membership fee of €110

To process the payment, please follow the next steps:

  • Click on the "ADD MONEY" button in your internet banking, or select the "ADD DEPOSIT" option in the menu on the left. A window with your payment details will appear.
  • WSBOH Internet banking, keep it open and log in to the Internet banking of your commercial bank on a new card.
    * We recommend logging in via computer, as most banks do not support making cross-border payments via mobile phone.
  • In the menu of your commercial bank, find and select the cross-border payment option.

Enter the following into the cross-border payment order in the Internet banking of your commercial bank:

Step by step fill in the payment data from WSBOH into the cross-border payment form of your commercial bank.

  • Account number – “IBAN”,
  • “SWIFT/BIC” code,
  • "BENEFICIARY NAME - Name of the beneficiary,
  • "BENEFICIARY ADDRESS" - address of the recipient.
  • Purpose of payment (message to recipient) – Your 10-digit account number to which you want to send money, which you can find under the name "REFERENCE/MESSAGE".
  • Enter the AMOUNT you want to transfer.
    To activate a NATURAL PERSON account, choose an amount of at least €20.
    To activate a LEGAL PERSON account, choose a minimum amount of €110.
  • Select the CURRENCY in which you want to transfer money (EUR, USD, RUB...).
  • Finally, choose the BILLING CODE. We recommend choosing the OUR code.
    OUR – By selecting the OUR code, all fees for the payment transfer are paid by the sender.
    SHA - By choosing the SHA code, you share the cost of transferring the payment with the recipient.
    BEN – By selecting the BEN code, all fees for the payment transfer are paid by the recipient.
    You can find the fee for the transfer in the fee schedule of your commercial bank.
  • Check the filled-in payment information again and complete the payment. Cross-border payment usually takes several days, so please be patient.

We would like to remind you that the membership fees are one-time and serve the purpose of activating your account in WSBOH.


Within 24 hours of crediting the funds to the account, the system will prompt you via your email to verify your identity.

The system informs you about the crediting of funds to your WSBOH account via email and prompts you to verify your identity. Log in to your internet banking at WSBOH. The "VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY" window will automatically appear, through which you can verify your identity and verify your account.

  • In the first box, click to upload a photo or a scan of the page of your ID card or passport with your photo on it. For the ID card, upload a photo of both sides of your ID card.
  • In the second box, click to upload a photo or a scan of your utility bill or any other bill or account statement showing your name and address, no older than 2 months.
  • In the third box, click to upload your selfie photo with the relevant document that you uploaded in the first box.

Make sure to upload documents in good quality, where all data is clearly legible. Otherwise, your verification will not be successful.

Click the "SAVE" button to save the uploaded documents to the system. You will receive an email in your inbox confirming that the system has received the required documents. Our staff will verify your identity within a few days and you will then receive an email about successful verification.

Congratulations, your WSBOH account has been successfully activated and you can start using it to the full.

If you have questions about activating your WSBOH account, please visit the FAQ on the bank's website or contact us at [email protected].

The World Sovereign Bank of the Order of Hospitallers
Information Instruction

Based on software adjustments and settings in the WSBOH banking system, including the activation of the new, reliable and stable International Payment System "M1 Swift", we ask all clients of the bank during the period of setting system measures "NOT ТО SEND" funds to their accounts opened in WSBOH.
We also inform all clients of the bank that financial transfers of clients to their WSBOH accounts are being processed, and they will be informed by electronic bank mail.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.