In your internet banking account, click the main menu on the top left  ☰  and select "Make withdrawal". Select whether you want to perform an internal transfer between WSBOH accounts or you want to perform an external transfer to any other bank account worldwide.

You can find all fees in your internet banking in the "FEES" section on the main page of your internet banking.

A SWIFT code, also called a SWIFT number, is used to identify banks and financial institutions worldwide. The term Business Identifier Code (BIC) is used interchangeably with SWIFT code and means the same thing.


When making an international wire transfer (MT103 SWIFT), you have the option to select who pays the transfer charges. BEN, SHA, and OUR are codes within a SWIFT MT103 instruction standard.

OUR instruction indicates that you will pay all transfer charges, and we will receive the full payment.

SHA (shared) means you only pay your bank's outgoing transfer charge. We receive your payment minus the correspondent (intermediary) bank charges.

BEN (beneficiary) implies that you won't pay any transfer charges. We receive your payment minus all transfer charges.

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) - International Bank Account Number, which allows unambiguous customer identification and automated payment processing. When making payments within the EU and EEA countries, it is mandatory to indicate the beneficiary's account in the IBAN structure.

We do not keep an IBAN. Your account number is in the form ID.

Account statements are available on the main screen of your account in the top right, golden "PDF" icon. Click on the "Account Statement" option and in the next step select the period for which you want to generate an account statement. Once confirmed, the account statement will be downloaded to your device.

The World Sovereign Bank of the Order of Hospitallers
Information Instruction

Based on software adjustments and settings in the WSBOH banking system, including the activation of the new, reliable and stable International Payment System "M1 Swift", we ask all clients of the bank during the period of setting system measures "NOT ТО SEND" funds to their accounts opened in WSBOH.
We also inform all clients of the bank that financial transfers of clients to their WSBOH accounts are being processed, and they will be informed by electronic bank mail.
Thank you for your understanding and patience.